Highway Trailers

Highway Trailers

Browse our selection of pre-owned highway trailers that we source from Can-Am West and Vedder Transport group in BC’s lower mainland. Our highway trailers are top quality, well maintained, and inspected and options include flat decks, drop decks, vans, and stainless steel tankers. Contact us today to learn more about our inventory and available stock at our BC location.


2007 Wilson
Steel Frame
Aluminum Deck
6300 US Gal Water Capacity
Chem Handler 3
12V Chem Pump 
Honda Pump 


53 ft Wilson Steel Aluminum Combo
3 left to choose from
Excellent Paint
Excellent Rubber
NOW REDUCED to ONLY $39,900 - your choice 


Brand new 2019 Haul All Tender
Approx 1200 bu capacity
4 serparate compartments
Wireless remote remote chute openers
Electric Tarp
Versitile side draw for drill filling OR Center unload at the elevator 


Please contact us for pricing

Heavy Duty Steel Trailers
Spring Ride
Decks in great shape
Last certified 2016